About Temari

We are Jen Weber and Karen Heppen, Temari Twins,  fiber artists who have been studying the art of creating temari, Japanese thread balls.


Temari is an ancient Japanese craft. Begun in the 600’s, noblewomen used silk thread stitched around a core of rice hulls to create a soft ball, or “mari” that they used for gentle indoor games and for decoration.  With the rise of cotton production, the art of temari became attainable for many, and mothers stitched temari for their children.  In the current era,  temari has evolved into a popular craft in Japan.  Temari are given to newly-married couples, on the birth of a baby and at holidays. They decorate many Japanese homes.

Outside of Japan, temari is not so well-known, but has a small but enthusiastic following throughout the world.


 We are committed to introducing temari to the public who enjoy their beauty and, often, want to make them as well.